Drops are from £0.50 each to £1 depending on how many you buy. The eCommerce system works out the discount as you add to your basket, but here is a table of prices to help you see how much you can save by buying 15 or more.

No of DropsDiscountCost
Single Drop£1.00
2 Drops20%£1.60
3 Drops20%£2.40
4 Drops25%£3.00
5 Drops25%£3.75
6 Drops30%£4.20
7 Drops30%£4.90
8 Drops35%£5.20
9 Drops35%£5.85
10 Drops40%£6.00
11 Drops40%£6.60
12 Drops45%£6.60
13 Drops45%£7.15
14 Drops45%£7.70
15 Drops or more50%£7.50
Prices adjust in the basket as you add more drops.

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